Life Purpose, Relationship & Career Readings + Coaching

Manifest the life and business you envision. Believe and you shall achieve. Ok, after you believe it, you need a plan, support (that's me!) and inspired action. Let's Go...

Soul Purpose readings and coaching:

  • Life purpose clarity: do you feel unclear about the next step for your career, business or life? My intuitive readings and coaching illuminate your soul gifts so you can feel confident in a direction for success, perfect for your unique kick-ass self.
  • Business + Soul Alignment: are you passionate about the health or healing service you offer, but the business side seems to fizzle? I help you align your soul with manifesting and client attracting energy in my business coaching.
  • Relationship perspectives: Finding or keeping a relationship that nourishes your heart and soul is often tricky. I'll help you uncover the root of what is not working and help you manifest the relationship of your dreams.
  • Parenting Challenges: are you a mom who struggles with parenting challenges? Understand the deeper levels of the struggle for yourself and your kids. Or are you looking to feel fulfilled in family and career all at once. I combine business/career coaching with soul perspective parenting insights.
    Also, see my website Intuitive Parenting

My passion is helping people access their highest truth and confidence for themselves in their business, work and life. I love offering the practical aspects of building a business through internet marketing, combined with coaching from my intuition about what is holding someone back from living their genius.

Intuitive business coaching, soul purpose readings and family/work alignment sessions can be done one at a time or in packages of 5 or 8 over 90 days.

Read about my 5 step "Energy of Business" alignment package:
Intuitive Business Coaching page

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I have a BA in Marketing and a Master's degree in Buddhist psychotherapy (with child/family therapy emphasis) and three years training in psychic readings and energy healings as the basis for my intuitive coaching.

Thanks for checking out my site. May all beings enjoy peace, understanding and amusement with increase every day. Blessings.

"Thank you! Loved your session. Sent me in directions I did not anticipate, usually the best places to be! What a gift you have and what a gift to me you are!"- Laura Mendelsohn

"Lisa has been fun to work with, and inspiring, in helping me achieve my career goals." -Jeffrey M.

Listen to recordings from my interviews with three experts on Career and Business Manifestation here.

Lisa Witter, MA